What Makes A Dog Poodle Really Happy?

Do you really want to know what it takes to make your dog Poodle a happy camper? Here comes the simple answer: It`s just you!

To be really happy, these breeds need some people. You can say that a Poodle dog primary “happiness requirement” is to be loved and wanted by a human beings. They want nothing more than to please their dog owners and be with them as much as possible.

Its quite easy. What’s is the best thing for a Poodle, what will make him or her heart sing, is a loving, attentive owner who can lavish her with attention and include him or her in your daily sport or other activities.

Everyday activities are a great for your Poodle. A Poodle wants to be with the owner or the familiy constantly, so much that the pooch will usually follow you around the house or in the living room.

I have heard from Poodles owners that they follow every move he or she make in her house – from the kitchen to the living room, from bathroom to bedroom and so on also in the middle of the night when each one is comfortably sleeping. This breed cannot stand away from his or her contact person and they are as happy as they could be when they are near.