Which Big Dog Should I Pick?

Do not assume your big dog will become a famous show doggie or an obedience trial champion. You can use those achievements for comparison to begin the search for your big breed you have chosen. Buy a copy of one of the several dog pet magazines found in a bookstore for instanc. These journals will list dog shows and other dog pooch events in your local area, and then your journey can start to plan to attend one or more of these “events”. Once there, purchase a premium list that can tell you in which ring and at what time your favorite breed will be shown. After you have seen the best of your favorite breed exhibited, you can speak to breeders of that specific breed.

Watch your breed participate in other dog competitive events such as field and agility trials, tracking, coursing and so on. Watch your selcted breed’s training and ability and also enthusiasm in these events. You can find out an amazing deal of news and information about your breed by watching his representatives in competition.

The best you can do is to visit several breeding kennels. You should never make a spontaneous choice or pick from the first litter seen on the first visit to a single kennel. Observe the behaviors and traits of as many litters as feasible.

Discuss and speak with the dog breeder the general personality and traits of your selcted breed. The habits of each dog or puppy are individual. Some big dogs will have a temperament that is adaptable and will be influenced by his bonding with you and your attitude and ability to train him. You must also be aware of particular traits inherent in each large breed.

Ask questions and speak with different breeders and trainers to satisfy your information needs. Dutiful breeders will furnish printed information about their strain or bloodline of the breed. The breeders will happily answer your queries and often will ask you more than you are prepared to answer. They will have a lot of information about the proper age to take a puppy, and should reassure you of their puppies’ socialization.

Ask about “buy” price, veterinary examination, guarantee, return privilege and routine
parasite control. You really need to know as much as possible about each breeder’s puppies before you commit to buy.

You may be asked not to touch the lovely puppies if they are only a few weeks old. Don`t be insulted; this precaution is to protect the valuable litter until first vaccinations have been administered. Just observe the dog puppies at play. If you think that you have made a decision, speak or talk to the breeder to mark the pup or puppies for you. Normally, the toenails of a hind foot are painted with a certain color of nail polish to denote your choice.