Which Dog Is The Best For Me?

You`re happy at your house or flat, but there just seems to be someone missing? Right? Oh, it`s may be a sweet dog.

So the first question you ask yourself is which dog would be the best for me, for us?
Should it be a small or a large dog and should it be from a breeder or an animal shelter?

Yes, you need to decide what type of dog, its size and age before you head out the door and then stick to it! Once you`re at the "meeting" the pet dogs you will see a lot of cute dogs that your heart can run "away" with you! So simply make a decision and stick to it, no matter how much pressure your kids place on you! Talk to your local rescue groups or breeders, go and see the dogs. This is a fantastic way to find a lovely dog that suits your needs because you can ask the breeder family about the dog before you commit, as well as seeing him in a family surrounding.

Consider also an older dog, not just a puppy. While puppies are really fun and sweet, once a pooch reaches 3 or 4 its temperament and behavior is pretty well set. You will know exactly what you`re getting, how grow he or she is and be able to provide a loving home for a long time to come.

We have also put together an overview about the various breeds here.












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